Good News sprinkled with Reality

I had made it a goal last year to apply to Universities. I have applied to one so far and was shocked when I was accepted! I had planned originally to apply just to see what happened and I didn’t really think that I would be accepted. With everything going on in America at this time I am not super excited to  apply to universities there but I was accepted to a Caribbean University.

I read and re-read my acceptance letter many times and it really brings on a whole new set of dreams and happy thoughts to think that I have a new possibility in my near future. The only question is..How do I afford it. After speaking with a loans agent I realized that I may not qualify for one. The government offices apologetically told me that there were no financial assistance programs available. I am currently at a loss, wondering what to do, and what can I do. and it doesn’t seem possible to go most of the time. However I will try.

In searching for fundraising ideas I tried a twisted donut that I saw on the internet. It did not come out completely successful. I had difficulty twisting the dough but this still lead me to hope that maybe I could use this to sell and fund-raise. This one goes into the maybe pile.



Do you have any Fundraising Ideas to save up for University Tuition??  Let me know in the comments.



What is it Like to Live in Paradise

benica onflag thing

To each his own.

Some feel like it is easy here. A people who love to laugh. Laid back even with the many struggles and the crimes that poison the society.

Some are mystified by the vastness of the ocean, skies and starry nights. The diversity in the people’s personalities, lifestyles, hair types, skin shades.

Some find it so warm. The gentle sun, the warm welcomes and the life that may be slow-paced to those a bit more used to sky scraping cities.

Some find it too small. The 238 sq miles suffocate them, the small amount of opportunities, the amount of leaders to the minds of the people who may not want to change to their liking.

Some find it sufficient. It’s environment which leaves room for so many leaders to sprout from the unknown. It’s beauty to relax you on any given day. The rush of its waves the closeness to family.

Sometimes I feel all of the above and sometimes none. Some days It’s not enough for me and yet some days it’s the only place I would want to be. There are ups and downs of every paradise, more to it than green trees and lovely beaches.  It will always be what you make it .Either the most heavenly place or the most hated. For me it is everything in one and although I want to experience the world, I would be blind to not see what a beautiful place I was born in.




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Have a great day and Be Blissful, wherever you are.♥

Memories of Martinique

They said that I glowed while I was there and I believe them. These are not all my photos and they may mean more to me as I hold the memories behind them. I was not able to visit many places besides where my host family lived, so I will definitely have to visit again on my own someday. I saw their creole dance, was taught how to dance Zouk. I had the chance to experience the Galette Des Rois, drooled over their large bookstore ( currently there are no bookstores  in my country… yes you read that right but at least we still have libraries.) I visited the University of my dreams U.A.G and in that moment I truly believed that I would be going there soon.I was happy .The travel bug and I will never forget that feeling of inner glow.


Weekend Strolls

Sometimes just getting some sunshine can make an average Sunday something worth remembering. We took a stroll in the neighborhood and decided to take a closer look at this ancient  piece that we have been passing by for years! Sometimes I feel like I’m just now starting to appreciate things and look at the world with fresh and curious eyes.


1 year and 9months

His locs are 1 year and 9 months old!


Walking can really work up an appetite . I was glad to come home to this.Made by this blogger

I love when an average day can end in a way you did not expect. You come back with  a youthful glow already thinking of ways to make your days more interesting.

Hope you all had great weekends, whether you spent it at church or on an outing or just at home with family.

Whatever it may be…Be Blissful.

New Youtuber Problems

Has this ever happened to you? You’re at your screen watching your favorite YouTube Channel and getting so inspired to do the same. Reach and inspire others behind their screens. Create beautiful content to look back on your memories years later. You finally decide to get to it and your fantasy cannot come to be just yet. There are many things you didn’t think of did you? well… neither did I. However, regardless of the fact that the reality may be a bit more challenging than we expected, this is so EXCITING! So you stick to it anyway.

Camera Shy– I never thought I was camera shy until I decided to sit in front of a camera and speak. I find myself stumbling over words as if I forgot how to speak English. Making simple grammar errors that I pick up when editing. It is as if I am being broadcasted to the entire world when in reality I don’t even have a single Subscriber.

Being Yourself– Who would have thought this to be a challenge. Yet it takes a level of concentration to NOT copy your favorite YouTube Celeb. Being natural seems  foreign after weeks of watching studying that person who inspired you to start in the first place. You simply can’t be a copycat. I can’t wait to see the results as this journey moves forward. I look forward to discovering my own voice and spirit through this experience.20160214_123117

Talking to yourself– I’m certain a lot of us know FunForLouis on YouTube. See how he speaks to us like we are there? Eye contact and amazing spirit? That does not just happen. * insert bubble pop here*  Learning to do this for me and not everyone out there has been incredibly satisfying but a challenge in itself. I am a bit happy that for now it is just talking to myself. Yourself can be the best and biggest critique out there. While I’m here with myself,  I can develop my craft, work on my level one editing skills and as the world comes pouring in, I will  hopefully be at a level where I can be proud of what this audience is viewing.

Editing– Does not come naturally! I remember how ashamed I felt when I kept getting frustrated while learning how to add a picture in my videos. My natural skills only came with learning the CUT tool.  It is a process Youtubers can make look appealing and beautiful in all it’s challenges and in a way, sometimes I can feel that way too. Looking at something and seeing the end result. Learning…that process , is simply magical. You hate it, curse at it and then at the end you swell with pride. I learned how to insert a picture in a video. Starting at level 0 is not as bad as it sounds. You have so many accomplishments to look forward to. I can now understand editing language. I tell people to increase their Saturation if I notice their smartphone photo comes out a bit dull. Hear me talk! There is no way you wont feel reward in the editing process no matter how frustrating.

Confidence LOADING……

Trust in yourself– You want to do this right? Don’t you feel amazing living out this part of your many dreams? All this was just to remind myself that yes I want to do this. I am excited and when I come back to this post years from now I will remember where I started , Level Zero and how it changed my life.


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