How Do You Moisturize Locs??

I Need YOUR help! For the duration of my Loc journey, I must say that dry locs has been the #1 struggle. As a loose natural you are able to feed your hair with conditioners and deep treatments resulting in shiny, moist and jaw dropping  healthy hair. With locs however, the danger lies in the risk of build up. We can no longer use the same kinds of products so what and how do we moisturize???? I recently tried a banana coconut deep conditioner only to result in a build up sleep over  in my hair. I am running out of ideas. Although I am a big advocate in experimenting, I am willing to sit this one out and seek some of your counsel. Leave a comment down below or under my YouTube video as well as on Instagram ( blissfulbeni ) letting me know of any tips that you may have specifically for locs. THANK YOU!


New Youtuber Problems

Has this ever happened to you? You’re at your screen watching your favorite YouTube Channel and getting so inspired to do the same. Reach and inspire others behind their screens. Create beautiful content to look back on your memories years later. You finally decide to get to it and your fantasy cannot come to be just yet. There are many things you didn’t think of did you? well… neither did I. However, regardless of the fact that the reality may be a bit more challenging than we expected, this is so EXCITING! So you stick to it anyway.

Camera Shy– I never thought I was camera shy until I decided to sit in front of a camera and speak. I find myself stumbling over words as if I forgot how to speak English. Making simple grammar errors that I pick up when editing. It is as if I am being broadcasted to the entire world when in reality I don’t even have a single Subscriber.

Being Yourself– Who would have thought this to be a challenge. Yet it takes a level of concentration to NOT copy your favorite YouTube Celeb. Being natural seems  foreign after weeks of watching studying that person who inspired you to start in the first place. You simply can’t be a copycat. I can’t wait to see the results as this journey moves forward. I look forward to discovering my own voice and spirit through this experience.20160214_123117

Talking to yourself– I’m certain a lot of us know FunForLouis on YouTube. See how he speaks to us like we are there? Eye contact and amazing spirit? That does not just happen. * insert bubble pop here*  Learning to do this for me and not everyone out there has been incredibly satisfying but a challenge in itself. I am a bit happy that for now it is just talking to myself. Yourself can be the best and biggest critique out there. While I’m here with myself,  I can develop my craft, work on my level one editing skills and as the world comes pouring in, I will  hopefully be at a level where I can be proud of what this audience is viewing.

Editing– Does not come naturally! I remember how ashamed I felt when I kept getting frustrated while learning how to add a picture in my videos. My natural skills only came with learning the CUT tool.  It is a process Youtubers can make look appealing and beautiful in all it’s challenges and in a way, sometimes I can feel that way too. Looking at something and seeing the end result. Learning…that process , is simply magical. You hate it, curse at it and then at the end you swell with pride. I learned how to insert a picture in a video. Starting at level 0 is not as bad as it sounds. You have so many accomplishments to look forward to. I can now understand editing language. I tell people to increase their Saturation if I notice their smartphone photo comes out a bit dull. Hear me talk! There is no way you wont feel reward in the editing process no matter how frustrating.

Confidence LOADING……

Trust in yourself– You want to do this right? Don’t you feel amazing living out this part of your many dreams? All this was just to remind myself that yes I want to do this. I am excited and when I come back to this post years from now I will remember where I started , Level Zero and how it changed my life.


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