Bee Blissful is  young dreamer on the journey to turn those dreams into a reality. She easily slips into books and disappears into them for hours at a time. Her current favorite books are Fairy tale Retelling but she has began to widen her range of book choices. There is so much to her that she herself has yet to discover. Her real name is Benica and she wants you to come on this journey with her. Dreams can come true. It is not only in fairy tales. On this blog she will explore her likes, dislikes and everything in between. She longs to travel the world, has hopes of becoming a writer, heck the fact that she has opened a blog some might already call her a writer. She dreams of becoming every “What if” that she has uttered in the past.

Get inspired as she spreads bliss through life’s challenges and gems. Sometimes it takes one person to remind you that you can truly be whatever you want to be. Although she may not be near the finish line, you will be able to follow her along the process most often hidden



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