Mistakes In My Twenties|01: Savings

saturday well-spent

Most of us have the general idea that saving is important. The idea of having “a savings” is not a foreign thing, at least I would hope so. However, the skill and discipline of saving is another thing entirely. This is where I hit the wall. Fortunately for me, credit cards and loans are not currently something I am faced with, so as of today and unlike many others, I do not have any legal debts to drown in. I do have those other kinds of debts. You know the ones.Where your family still feeds you and pays your rent or loans you money to do this or that. Just because it’s not on paper, doesn’t mean they aren’t debts. I mentally have a stack of IOU’s that are in the reds.

I was so excited to start making money in my twenties that I didn’t even realize how extra excited I was at spending it. At the time they all felt like necessary things. I never anticipated the major stormy weather that would be just¬† few years away from knocking at my door. Now to this day, being unemployed and on my last thousand.I can’t help but look back at all those things and just SHAKE MY HEAD.¬† There were a few things that I could tick off as valuable investments in myself, but now that I need the money I just wish I had worked harder here and there to save up. The worse thing about realizing how much money you’ve spent, is looking at the area on your pay slip that says YTD (Year-To- Day) This area shows how much money the company has paid you from the very beginning. I used to look at that sum of money and cringe.If I had only saved harder…

The journey continues. I aim to end my Stagnant living and this realization of my poor saving habits is just one thing I need to springboard the long and challenging journey to a better more vibrant me. At least that’s the plan anyway.If anyone still reads blogs with no pictures, leave a comment down below to share your stories.

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