Dear Bookworms! Simple Eye Care tips.

As much as I am guilty of late night reading on my Kindle or even squinting in low light to finish an incredibly amazing book, I can’t deny that my eyes feel terribly worn out afterwards.Here’s a great video with some simple reminders and eye care tips specifically for Bookworms and fellow Book Lovers! Check it out and let me know in the comments If you can relate!

Things We Bookworms do that hurt our Eyes;

  • Excessive reading especially in low light.
  • Excessive reading on bright digital device(s).
  • Reading non stop for extreme long periods(up til 3am vamping).
  • Forgetting to Hydrate, not wanting to get up and out of our zone.
  • Stuck in book world so that we hardly ever BLINK!
  • Intense Staring at close range object (sometimes with small print).
  • Reading against a glare on the screen.

Check out the Video For some simple and easy remedies!


IMG_1999Dear fellow reader,

I know it’s hard to simply put a book down especially when it gives you everything you ever needed in a book.Without our eyes we really wouldn’t be able to read it.Show gratitude by remembering to care for it now so that we can have it all through our wise ages. I am just as guilty of abusing my eyes and forcing it to ride with me till dawn sneaks in. Lets aim to try harder to be aware of the costs that we pay toward our joy of reading. Get a cucumber slice or maybe a tea bag, and go give your eyes some loving and appreciation for all the hundreds of stories it has helped you live within.Go…. (Like & Subscribe to my YT Channel beeblissful and Twitter @blissful_beni while you are at it)


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