Good News sprinkled with Reality

I had made it a goal last year to apply to Universities. I have applied to one so far and was shocked when I was accepted! I had planned originally to apply just to see what happened and I didn’t really think that I would be accepted. With everything going on in America at this time I am not super excited to  apply to universities there but I was accepted to a Caribbean University.

I read and re-read my acceptance letter many times and it really brings on a whole new set of dreams and happy thoughts to think that I have a new possibility in my near future. The only question is..How do I afford it. After speaking with a loans agent I realized that I may not qualify for one. The government offices apologetically told me that there were no financial assistance programs available. I am currently at a loss, wondering what to do, and what can I do. and it doesn’t seem possible to go most of the time. However I will try.

In searching for fundraising ideas I tried a twisted donut that I saw on the internet. It did not come out completely successful. I had difficulty twisting the dough but this still lead me to hope that maybe I could use this to sell and fund-raise. This one goes into the maybe pile.



Do you have any Fundraising Ideas to save up for University Tuition??  Let me know in the comments.