Currently Watching: Gilmore Girls

Confession: I am one to religiously follow certain Youtubers. Especially Book Tubers

Some feel like my soul sisters that I have never met.One of my many favorite book tubers called Bookables really loves Gilmore girls.Now I’ve never watched Gilmore girls and I kept wondering what is this thing she keeps talking about……. NOW I know. Yes. I most definitely  binge watched season one within a few weeks and sometimes going all towards 2 am in the morning. SIGH.

DOn’t You Dare Judge ME.

 The greatest time waster is finding a new show/series (Is there a difference? I’ll google it). As depressing as it is to lose time I can’t help but crave another episode every time one is over.The issues in this show is so darn relate able and CUTE! Perfect Holiday type, cup of tea, cozy bed kind of show! I can’t wait to catch up, I am like a million seasons late in the circle.

Do you like Gilmore girls? Are you just starting or have you already caught up? LEt me know! I wish Luke and Laurali would just admit their love already! What are you waiting for, tell me everything you think in the comments! no spoilers though, I am on the first episode of season 2. I really hope Dean and Rori don’t break up again but do I really like Dean?? I am not so sure.

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