My Menstrual Cup Experience

I Learnt about menstrual cups randomly while watching you tube videos and immediately thought no way in heaven I would want to shove any foreign object up there and then I thought about all the days where I couldn’t afford pads and thought maybe I should try.

I then ordered my first cup which was the Lena cup. It was cute and exciting . I anticipated my period only to be disappointed at the learning curve and even more surprised at the firmness of the Lena cup for me. I was constantly getting issues with my bladder and so although I loved my Lena cup and Just when I thought I was understanding its personality , I couldn’t ignore that this cup may be a bit too firm for me.

The pain to my bladder occurred when I urinated with the cup, when the cup opened inside and even removing the cup. It may have been my in experience or just that I was not comfy with this particular cup. I put my cup in a corner for the rest of the year after about 5 period cycles and in sadness and frustration went back to pads. Menstrual cups and I had broken up.I categorized it as a foreign object, a stranger to me and my vagina.

I finally got the courage to try  my Lena cup again , nervous and hesitant and to my surprise I couldn’t find it anywhere! I wondered if I had discarded it  in frustration. The cup was lost,  it was gone. Slightly relieved, I began the search for a softer menstrual cup. Some worried that I was going to be transitioning from a very firm cup to a very soft one and I am worried about it as well.

I decided to go with the Flower Pot menstrual cup as it resembled the Blossom Cup almost perfectly and I had researched that the Blossom cup was an extremely soft cup.  I got the Flower Pot cup and may I just say , VERY cute pouch , thank you very much. However, the pouch is not what will matter. I will be testing this cup out next cycle and again I am once more very excited and hopeful after many horror moments from last attempt. I Am READY.

If any of you have tried the menstrual cup which is so popular right now , share your stories, tips and advice in a comment!



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