Book Thoughts:Love&Gelato

Love & GelatoLove & Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Love&Gelato was everything it was suppose to be. The perfect contemporary, the perfect choice for a binge read till eye exhaustion. The perfect medication if you ever had to restart after a not so perfect experience. Any book set in Italy means put your feet up and relax. I enjoyed this book for helping me relax and giving me a free trip to Italy. who doesn’t want that? Ren was the perfect Italian on his scooter and the descriptions of food had me begging my kitchen ,pleading with it to produce anything good.

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Book Thoughts :Denton Little’s Deathdate

Denton Little's DeathdateDenton Little’s Deathdate by Lance Rubin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OH MY Goodness . I absolutely loved this book !! I couldn’t put it down just finished at 1 26 am. I never thought this book would be this good. I expected nothing but it was funny(ironically) and action packed! not to mention unique! I so enjoyed the friendship with Denton and Paolo. I didn’t enjoy his romantic relationship. That just felt like a waste of his last moments on earth. Wow I could have ended here but there’s a sequel? sure!

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Just one book binge read and I’m back on the reading train!

My Menstrual Cup Experience

I Learnt about menstrual cups randomly while watching you tube videos and immediately thought no way in heaven I would want to shove any foreign object up there and then I thought about all the days where I couldn’t afford pads and thought maybe I should try.

I then ordered my first cup which was the Lena cup. It was cute and exciting . I anticipated my period only to be disappointed at the learning curve and even more surprised at the firmness of the Lena cup for me. I was constantly getting issues with my bladder and so although I loved my Lena cup and Just when I thought I was understanding its personality , I couldn’t ignore that this cup may be a bit too firm for me.

The pain to my bladder occurred when I urinated with the cup, when the cup opened inside and even removing the cup. It may have been my in experience or just that I was not comfy with this particular cup. I put my cup in a corner for the rest of the year after about 5 period cycles and in sadness and frustration went back to pads. Menstrual cups and I had broken up.I categorized it as a foreign object, a stranger to me and my vagina.

I finally got the courage to try  my Lena cup again , nervous and hesitant and to my surprise I couldn’t find it anywhere! I wondered if I had discarded it  in frustration. The cup was lost,  it was gone. Slightly relieved, I began the search for a softer menstrual cup. Some worried that I was going to be transitioning from a very firm cup to a very soft one and I am worried about it as well.

I decided to go with the Flower Pot menstrual cup as it resembled the Blossom Cup almost perfectly and I had researched that the Blossom cup was an extremely soft cup.  I got the Flower Pot cup and may I just say , VERY cute pouch , thank you very much. However, the pouch is not what will matter. I will be testing this cup out next cycle and again I am once more very excited and hopeful after many horror moments from last attempt. I Am READY.

If any of you have tried the menstrual cup which is so popular right now , share your stories, tips and advice in a comment!