On losing Camp NanoWrimo July.

Disappointed in myself? Extremely but its okay, I still plan to continue writing. I have ended with a mere 6,819 words but if I would stay on the positive train I’d say that is a lot compared to my previous attempts at writing projects. I do have lots of “excuses”but the point is I shouldn’t have stopped, because once you stop for one day it turns to one week and then three weeks till you type in your blog post how you have lost.Easier typed than done however. I should have also considered reducing y word goal as a first timer and working along with that but I truly thought and still believe that I am capable.The dreaded should have, would have, could have syndrome.

very sad.pngI ignorantly told my boyfriend that if I did not finish I would allow him to try an RKO on me. He explained it to me but after a recent google search I no longer think I might live to see another sunlight.What have I accepted…




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