Book Thoughts:Post Reading Slumps

You know that time after you have read a book where you can’t seem to readily read another? I just finished the Winner’s series and for some reason I haven’t been able to pick up the next book on my reading list The Raven King. I KNOW it will be an awesome read but it’s so weird. Am I not in the right mood? Am I not completely out of the zone of the previous series? It is not a complete book slump is it? I want to read and I have a book I have highly anticipated right at my finger tips but something has me in a slump and the source is unknown. I wonder if it because of the complete difference between the two series. It’s like jumping into completely different world’s Not to mention o me The Raven cycle is heavily concentrated right now with so many events and activities that these guys have to untie to get to their ending. It makes me think maybe this book is too heavy for me to get into, maybe I will feel better if I read something lighter , a cheesy read even( sometimes cheese is what I need you know?)

It’s always an odd feeling to be in a reading slump especially when you know you love to read. It could also be that I need to be in the here and now. With work and my (rather slow)attempt at Camp NaNoWrimo it feels like I can’t afford to disappear into a book as obsessively as I would want to normally. It’s like am anchored in reality and I can’t leave it just yet.


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