Lost Days

On the days when all of a sudden you look around you. You see how tired everyone looks. You see  a mother’s struggle holding her toddler’s hand. You notice a market woman in the sun trying to sell her table of fruits. For a second everyone all looks so lost, and tired. You wonder, really, truly, what are you going to do? How are you going to do it. Everywhere and everything looks bleak every solution seems too far into the future. What you are doing now will it really matter later? Are you on the right path? are you doing enough? It’s almost becoming claustrophobic in your own head. The streets are too crowded, everything is too clustered and you cannot BREATHE.

Then it starts to rain and the streets clear up of the crowd. The fog settles on the higher mountains and the droplets of rain glisten.You listen. There is no one on this step but you. For a second all there is , is you. The sound of rain and the slash of tires skidding against rain painted asphalt. It’s beautiful just to be there and enjoy the sight, sound and smell of the rain.  It makes you smile . No one knows you like you do. No one knows how much you enjoy this moment. No one knows your endurance and perseverance. You don’t realize that the rain cloud in your mind has cleared . Such a beautiful day and a blessed life you have. Take a step ,and let’s enjoy the rest of the day.





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