What I’m Watching

Yes that’s right! It’s 2016 and I am 20 years old and No I have never watched sailor moon before. It is never too late to start though!!!  Since starting an animation class I was hearing lot of the classmates talk about cartoons that I was just not familiar with. Every single Sailor moon reference just flew over my head all the time. It started to annoy me. What was so great about this thing! that even people much older than I am still reminisce as if they wish to go back to the good days where they would watch Sailor moon on TV and chat with their friends about it. I was obviously missing out!! So of course I had to get into it . Better late than never.

I flew through season one and two and I can now say concretely that I am Hooked and forever shall be!!

I am currently watching what I believe to be season 3 ,Sailor Moon S.

This sailor Moon marathon has been the greatest pick me up , cheer me up moments ever. I am shamelessly in love with everything about it and am glad I decided to start.

So far my Favorite Sailor soldier Is AMI, Sailor Mercury  Although I am not even close to a study-holic like she is, I tend to gravitate to her feelings especially when she wonders if studying is all she is good at.I love the different outfits that she wears and I truly enjoy her short hair!!




Thank You for reading. To ll the Sailor fans out there, Count me IN!


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