Experimenting: Gluten Free Bread

Recently after being diagnosed by doctor Google as having increased levels of Candida. Dr Google also recommended the Candida diet. Of course being shocked by this diagnosis and this amazingly limiting diet I tried for maybe a few days… about a week to consume less sugar and attempt to be gluten free among st other things. It was not a success and I could not fathom what I could eat at all. I decided to go to an actual doctor who insisted that what I had was nothing relating to candida. I was relieved of course. Now I could go back to eating a packet of chocolate digestive every so often. However I was hesitant. I felt like I couldn’t put all my trust in someone else’s verdict  and I did feel like a lot of my symptoms matched up with Dr Google’s list. So I tried it out anyway. It still wasn’t successful but the point is that I got to experiment with Gluten free flour and research on this interesting lifestyle that a lot of people live daily.


Commercial Gluten free products are Expensive. At least from the variety I saw in my supermarket and my personal budget. Practically kicking my unemployed butt to the curb. In the Caribbean however there are some great options if you might need to start from scratch such as coconut flour which is super simple from what I have seen. Cassava flour (tapioca) and even arrow root are things we have widely available in the Caribbean. An ingredient I noticed often was Xanthan Gum . Close to 60$ Caribbean dollars!!  I decided to buy a commercial brand and at first I thought of what many people would do. Simply replace a recipe with normal flour and use the gluten free one. Any time I did this it was unsuccessful. My expensive flour was running out and I began to feel tired of wasting it. Nearing the end of my experimenting I decided to try out the recipe to the back of the box. I even went and got eggs which I haven’t had in a while.

The recipe called for 3 eggs and did not hide the taste at all.The batter was moist almost like cookie dough or even cake mix. The freshness was a bit off putting to my family and me as well. The bread was surprisingly soft and I was not expecting that from gluten free the texture was almost cake like. It was not bad but I truly did not like the eggy taste of it. I am glad I tried the recipe and if I had more flour I would have hoped to try some sweet stuff like cookies and such.


I did not add a lot of the batter as my loaf pan was small

The box recommended storing the bread in the fridge. To me ,upon every reheating just gave it more of a cake like taste and texture but all in all it really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I am not able to continue as this flour mix did cost me a good bit. Hopefully in the future I will be able to create my own mix and experiment some more.

This was my first time trying anything Gluten free and I am sure it would take a lot of getting used to.




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