The Poor Man’s Orchid


I have always loved seeing this tree around my island and for the longest while I have wondered why did they chose this name?  It always seemed a bit negative to me, almost condescending.  Even while it felt that way I would feel like they greatly misunderstood. If this beautiful tree bearing such a multitude of orchids which the wealthy would spend so much money  in producing one or two.. then wasn’t that poor man the luckier of the two?  This poor man , despite life’s struggles, although he may not be able to afford a table filled with food, he would come home to a tree filled with gorgeous orchids. The more I heard them call it by that name, the more I felt as if this poor man was blessed and more wealthy.

poor mans orchid

Image found here.

 One may think the poor man is lacking because he is unable to have a green house and actual orchids, but in this poor man’s eyes he has a tree filled with them and to him they are true, as any other.

Do you know this tree by any other name?



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