We Shall Meet Again: Shea Sugar Scrub


Oh what a magical thing. Never have I felt such an embrace from a body scrub before! I just had to tell you all immediately.

If ever you have a bad day at work, come home to this body scrub. It’s heavenly ingredients is all you will ever need to relax. It smells and feels, oh so amazing. How did they do it!!. When you gently layer it onto your skin a warmth slowly yet gently fills the area you are scrubbing .The sugar crystals are not harsh at all and oh the smell I cannot say it enough. IT SMELLS so gooood and when you finally rinse it off. My goodness. It feels as if you have been reborn and your skin is as smooth as ever smoother than a baby’s and you do not even feel like washing it off because you want the feeling to last forever. I do not think I will ever receive it again. It was a once in a lifetime purchase .I tried to re-create you in a DIY but to no avail. So I eternalize it here in words so that I will never forget and one day when my income has gained weight I will see you again dear Shea Sugar Scrub.

body scrub


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