What is it Like to Live in Paradise

benica onflag thing

To each his own.

Some feel like it is easy here. A people who love to laugh. Laid back even with the many struggles and the crimes that poison the society.

Some are mystified by the vastness of the ocean, skies and starry nights. The diversity in the people’s personalities, lifestyles, hair types, skin shades.

Some find it so warm. The gentle sun, the warm welcomes and the life that may be slow-paced to those a bit more used to sky scraping cities.

Some find it too small. The 238 sq miles suffocate them, the small amount of opportunities, the amount of leaders to the minds of the people who may not want to change to their liking.

Some find it sufficient. It’s environment which leaves room for so many leaders to sprout from the unknown. It’s beauty to relax you on any given day. The rush of its waves the closeness to family.

Sometimes I feel all of the above and sometimes none. Some days It’s not enough for me and yet some days it’s the only place I would want to be. There are ups and downs of every paradise, more to it than green trees and lovely beaches.  It will always be what you make it .Either the most heavenly place or the most hated. For me it is everything in one and although I want to experience the world, I would be blind to not see what a beautiful place I was born in.




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Have a great day and Be Blissful, wherever you are.♥


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