Changing Things Up…?

So now that I have gone and told you everything i hope to accomplish in my life.. or most things anyway, YouTube decides to feed me with these kinds of videos in my recommend section. I’m there like really?! After each video I listen to,  of course I sit and think, examine my situation and wonder how it has directly affected me and my moving toward those goals. For one thing, I have been sleeping MUCH more. A previous post showed how I now wake up earlier to get some things done, tackle some mini goals. Well… getting out of bed has been like trying to push an elephant off me in the morning. 2 days becomes 4 days and I wonder why the days have been passing me by, why it’s all of a sudden so difficult to wake up in the morning and even why am I not posting Blog posts as often.

I think I have come up with the answer. My Writing Updates. It’s as if now that I know that it might not be as easy as I thought , I shy away from coming back to the blogging world thinking” gosh but I haven’t written in a while” or “they’ll know I haven’t had a writing update in a while.”  Frankly this pressure that most probably might be all in my head is beginning to annoy the heck out of me and so , No more daily writing updates . Maybe the occasional one or just my thoughts and feelings about certain things related to writing. I will tell you when I AM DONE.

Although I didn’t feel the false sense of accomplishment when I had first begun this blog but at that time if I think about it , I had no readers, no one hitting that LIKE button. Now that I am sensing the change, I will attempt to nip that in the bud. I also feel like life had a way of laughing in my face and giving me some plain reminders to get real and get working. like hey! you’re still broke!


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