My Older Wolf Is Limping 🐺

I recently watched a video called message to the 75 year old me which really had me thinking. It’s what most people think about, doing things now to help your future older wolf (self) . This is something I have been wanting to do even before this blog and that video. Regardless I still got impacted by it so I thought I would share.

Right now I am in bed typing on my phone. I have given myself many goals and feel disappointed when I do not accomplish them because I know that this Older wolf in me is suffering whenever this young wolf does not progress.

Discipline in itself is a great challenge and this feels like the number one issue with me not completing goals.Starting off with fire that burns out into just a flame.  Although many times I will get a reminder right then of what I was doing this for.
Another thing I have struggled with over the years is focus. I used to think that I was the only one but there seems to be many people out there with multiple talents , interests and passions. The dreaded Jack of all trades but master of few none. There are so many thing I envision my older wolf to be a master of but the younger wolf is still juggling, unable to chose which one to focus on. Everything feels like a priority because they all will aid in some aspect of my future or I might have a strong passion for this one or that one. I can see the windows of opportunity that will be shattered opened and my greed and maybe desperation wants them all.

How do I chose? What if I chose and am unable to fulfill one or two. What if I chose and the others fall into place perfectly. The longer I wait the more things I find I love doing.  I want to become closer to God, become  fluent in French and Spanish, become a writer, become more physically flexible (just because),  improve my drawing skills, practice Video Editing/video stuff like cinematography and motion graphics. It must be possible to be them all but right now I need to focus on one or two. I just need to figure out which will it be.

Pressure emoticon


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