Living In Today🐦

We all know this. It’s like one of those things that we forget while we’re busy worrying about tomorrow . It happens to me all the time but it seems to be one of those human things so I must be normal. Lately more and more I have been in my head day dreaming about  my future , one better than today. Dreaming about where I want to be and who I want to be, someone better than the me today. Though these dreams are wonderful and give me a little smile of pleasure, the me now can’t help but feel a bit offended. I realized I was overly worrying once again.

So yet again I was brought back into the present, down from my dream cloud and with a grateful perspective I saw the me today. In that moment I was doing a yoga practice and I tried to feel my back when It stretched or my hips when it opened. I tried to be patient when the instructor said to just breathe and not let my mind wonder to tens of thousand different things. It was a relief, a much needed break for my active dream machine, to stop for a second and live in today.

Most of the times we don’t realize when we have stopped living in the present. Worrying is like a habit ingrained so firmly that it feels like the phrase “Time flies when you’re having fun” but instead, time flies when you’re worrying. In the worst way time flies because we take with us only the negative as we’ve worried so much that we never knew the positive.

I do not know if it is possible to remove worrying as if it were part of a “removing bad habit challenge” but I do know that sometimes when I notice how stuck I was in that moment of Living in the future, What usually brings me back is the appreciation of today. At first you may even feel a bit surprised because you haven’t appreciated enough and for such a long time. Look how healthy, how alive you are. How beautiful and worthwhile.

Gentle reminder if you are in a season of worry right now.Bring it in. It’s a new day we have been given. Tomorrow won’t come if you don’t have yourself today. I want to remind myself  of this. I need me today. Today is necessary. Tomorrow starts today. It’s going to be an amazingly wonderful day and I want to be present in it.





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