She Said She Would, So She Did|| It has begun

10:31 PM 27/03/2016

I didn’t mean to begin writing today but I was afraid that I was taking too long to plan. I didn’t want to be using the I am planning thing as some kind of reason to not start to write. I feel like I just wrote a bunch of crap too but it’s weird. I am surprised I actually reached the word goal. I am hoping I can continue tomorrow. In fact I must but I must also continue to plan. I was tempted to delete a lot during the process but I tried to remember to just keep going, just let it flow. Even though this does not turn into anything. This will always be practice, will only benefit me in the end. At least I hope so.

Day 1 Goal : 1667 words

Words Written: 1772

Feeling:sleepy, but sorta kinda proud,  anxious,  scared

Days Left: 29


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