She Said She Would, So She Did|| Character Sketches

Ever heard of NaNoWrimo? I have attempted twice and never passed two weeks.  Here I am again though.. because I feel like I have wanted to write for so long that it never stops nagging me. I can never just let this dream die because it’s so strongly embedded into my heart. I am going to try again. Not NaNoWrimo but the concept of it. Their word count is 1667 per day for 30 days. I hesitate to do this because I have failed twice and so near the beginning. I feel like I will be a laughing stock if I post this and stop soon after. Regardless, I want to try again before NaNoWrimo comes . I feel like it’s something I need to do so that I can live knowing I CAN.

I have been “day dream “planning for a few months now about this one idea I had. Yet last night after a call from my mom… I hit the actual written planning immediately. I had just told her that I was getting my period and she said “I think I’m finally done with that now.”

I haven’t seen her since, maybe about 6 years old? I try not to keep count. Now ..she is going through Menopause?  It made me hate time, but more so, hate myself for constantly wasting it. Life has been begging me to improve my skills for years and now it’s so late in the game. I have no income and opportunities are still loading because I am here not doing anything to bring them to me.

Anyway, I am not sure how long planning is supposed to last but I have started and hope to finish during this long Easter Holiday we have here.

This is the template I am using for my character designs , just one I found on Pinterest. My writing experience? I graduated from Pinterest. I did do literature in community college but… hopefully some of that stayed in me somewhere.


No matter how it turns out, I want to know I can. I want to do what I say I will do. I want to open a door that will  lead me straight to the arms of my mother who I don’t even know what she smells like, or the taste of her cooking.

She said she would, and so she did.

A quote I found wile scrolling endlessly on Instagram.Unamused Face on Google Android 6.0.1




3 thoughts on “She Said She Would, So She Did|| Character Sketches

  1. I think you are off to a wonderful start, I completely believe that the best way to become a good writer is to write. I am just getting ready to start another major project so I have also been going through character creation. What do you normally look for when you are building a character?

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    • Thanks for the comment! What I have tried to do currently is focus on backstory, personality and goals because I really want the character to be believable and relatable. Even though I have no idea whether I will include it or not, taking the backstory and personality into consideration helped me think of their goals in what I think might be their state of mind.This I hope will help me develop the Plot outline knowing what my character’s issues are. In learning who they are the smaller details like age or even names pop into my head. Good luck in your project! Let’s reach that finish line!

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      • I think that you are off to a wonderful start. I also try to get at least a rough idea of their personality down and a few specific details that I can use as a seed to grow my characters while I write.


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