Sundays… A Beach Day To Remember

Chill days are good days. When you’ve been trying to face off with procrastination and get things done all week. I spent a bit too much and stayed a bit too long but I allowed it just because…sometimes with all the schedules I  create to keep doing things , I still want to allow life to do its thing. (Especially after reading Ecclesiastics)


Everything about the day was beautiful. The beach was generously packed with people, some playing tennis some playing football, while others jogged or swam peacefully. The shores were dotted with the beach umbrella business which gave you the hint that a cruise ship must be in the harbor. Usually with every cruise ship the men would set up the beach umbrellas at a fee of course. different men had different sections. Usually the locals would spread their blankets onto the sand and the tourists would pay for the beach umbrellas. I would like to support them but unfortunately their tourist price is way to expensive. Occasionally they do give discounts to locals.I have the hope to one day purchase my very own beach umbrella as well as a picnic basket. Just to make  the beach experience even greater in the future.

We swam a lot, many different styles that we may have seen somewhere, but were never professionally taught. We ate our home cooked meals and got sunburns at midday.This to me would have been just a regular beach day if I hadn’t tripped and burst my flimsy flip flops.

We were stuck with the dilemma of having 3 shoes available and 2 pairs of feet. I insisted on walking bare-feet. It was, after all, my flip flop that malfunctioned. He insisted on giving me one of his sandals. We looked like a comedy but my heart swelled. There are a lot of times as a young girl you dream of this moment. Teenage dating does not produce these guy’s on a regular basis. The guy who won’t stand to have you walking bare feet. Anyway I held his hand tightly and we laughed at all the different faces onlookers gave us as we passed by. I type this here because I want to remember it. Whether we last or not.I want to remember the time when we had no choice but to laugh through an embarrassing situation. I want my daughters to see it and think about it during their times of dating. I know it might be silly , but it is something that surprisingly, not many couples would do with each other.


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