Developing New Habits||One Method I love


In October 2015 I tried a 30 day Yoga Challenge. I wanted to become flexible and really, just try something new. I truly enjoyed it. It was fun exercising  at a slower pace. I was surprised when yoga began to make me sweat! By the end of the thirty days I was able to do one Beginner arm balance and was so proud . I have read many articles stating that it takes 30 days to develop a new habit or break a bad one(articles like this one) and true to this , when the thirty days were over I found myself not wanting to simply stop. This new hobby was always on my mind, I wanted to learn new things like the splits or hand stands. That’s how I knew a new habit had been formed. So I continued with exercises to increase strength and flexibility and have been enjoying it ever since.


Why I love 30 day challenges..

»30 days can seem a bit more realistic than forever. Making the decision to change an eating habit or just any bad habit for the rest of your life can daunt you and make it feel like the challenge would last forever. I found that the 30 days helps dice the challenge into an easily digestible portion. At the end of the thirty days, especially if results are seen, I’m hooked .

»It nudges open the windows of opportunity. I strongly believe that anything new, any small, tiny thing that you do has a multitude of opportunities that follows it. My aim in living an active and vibrant life is to reveal as many opportunities as possible for myself. When I fell in love with French at around 16 , all of a sudden a french speaker would speak to me in the supermarket or ask me for directions in the street. These opportunities just appeared out of no where in order for me to practice the language. I can only imagine if I practiced something new all the time, the different conversations I would be able to have with different people.

»Learning What You Love.  Allowing yourself to try different things and rotate your routines can really lead you toward your passion, or at least that’s what I think.  You learn more about yourself the more you do and the things you try. Every experience has something inside, be it good or bad that will always leave you with a new aspect of yourself that you did not have yesterday.

»Its a challenge! It is easy for boredom, procrastination and negativity to creep in when I am doing nothing. Giving myself things to do is the way out of it. Forming goals and creating interesting ways to tackle them helps provide the constant forward movement that I crave. In the long run, I hope to develop the discipline that I need to keep moving forward.

Who knows, this 30 day challenge thing may or may not work for you. I am simply a girl trying to create something for the future me to look back and be proud of. I hope to do this as a way to study French and practice Writing. To each his own. I wish you all the best.♄








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