♥Korean 100 day Celebration♥

I am a k-drama fan girl. Naturally this love of k-dramas has left me with the ultimate goal of one day living in Korea as well as learning their language, and using cute phrases such as ” Oppa!” whenever I get the chance. I am not as near to that dream as I would hope to be and so I like to incorporate little things to help me get just one tiny step closer to it. For example I bought chopsticks, learned how to use them and most times enjoy my spaghetti using my chopsticks. I even once tried to make their famous Jajangmyeon .  It was not a success however not knowing what the original dish tastes like made me all the more accepting of it. Another part of their culture is the famous 100 day celebrations. It used to be rare for their babies to live very long and so it became popular to celebrate the baby’s first 100 days of life. It is also very popular in the dating world to celebrate your first 100 days. I had never done this before but the thought of trying it was always on my mind. Finally I was able to try this out.

The biggest challenge was trying to make it feel like  a “Korean style” 100 day celebration especially as I have no experience besides watching K-dramas. There are no Korean restaurants in my country and the closest thing to it are regular Chinese restaurants.We chose one called the Sunroof Restaurant. It was beautifully decorated and we were greeted and served by an extremely pleasant and friendly staff, giving our night the perfect romantic atmosphere. We tried a Tofu vegetarian meal as that is something I  noticed  to be prevalent in the Asian culture. I was surprised by the taste  but was not captured by it and so I left it for my date to devour, while I enjoyed a curried chicken meal.  I did not know whether the menu was  authentically Chinese but nevertheless I smiled like an idiot all through dinner because it was the closest  I have come to it, and no, there was no dramatic moment where I splashed water into my date’s face.(k-drama fans know what i mean)


All this to say,  if you have something like this that you want to try, don’t be bugged down by the fact that you are not in the country and that this may not be the real deal.Make it your own. Put little things together like  eating with chopsticks to make you feel like you are one step closer to  your very big dream.  I do not know if I will ever get to visit South Korea and have my K-drama moments but I feed my starving dream slowly yet surely, one K-drama episode at a time.

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