How I met the Travel bug

When I was a teenager back in secondary school.

When I felt trapped by the Ocean surrounding my  island.

When I felt trapped by my house that I did not consider a home

When I got tired of seeing my mother’s face age over the screen of Skype Calls

When I realized I did not know her. Did not remember her cooking, her scent , her motherly presence on Sunday afternoons.

I never knew it was called Travel bug, The feeling, urge for somewhere else. Someplace new and someplace far and a language besides my native tongue.

When I discovered Youtube and Travel Vlogs. I still drool with envy every time.

How it stung me. This Travel bug.

Finally, in my final year of community college, we had our linguistic trip to Martinique. This was my first and as of yet, my only time ever traveling and I am telling you, my heart stayed behind. I was hooked on everything french. I was obsessed with the idea of travel. I looked up ways to work abroad. ways to live abroad and make money.  After hoping for years sometimes the hope dwindles I wonder if its really possible. Money of course is an issue but wen will it happen?  I no longer knew the answer to that question. I no longer believe it might happen this year or next but the travel bug does not merely sting you and disappear. Its poison lives on in your veins till you now see the world like a traveler.

Therefore I began to travel my own country to feed the bug. Appreciating the beauty of my country and the simple things I never noticed before.I went to parks I had never sat in. Beaches I always thought were for “tourists”. There are so many things and places I have yet to conquer in my own island and for now the travel bug and I are a bit content.

While exploring my country I am now convinced that with every new thing I do , a new door/window opens. My dreams are rekindled at the thought that even though I am not able to go now, Something I am doing now or something I will do soon will cause a chain reaction. Before I know it I will be traveling the world and sharing my experiences with you and anyone else who wants to listen.

It will happen someday. I have to believe. I must believe.


Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.
Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow.

Langston Hughes


 How did you travelers deal with the time period before you ever traveled? The (very long) season where it was just a dream and not a reality?



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