From Productivity to Procrastination

It’s been about two weeks where I told myself I wanted to start studying French again. I had done my A Level’s in french and even CXC’s and after  I finished school, I continued a few months in and a few months out. Yet, for some reason when I finally decided that this is what I need to do and NOW, Something that I have been telling myself to do for months and months… Suddenly, the fridge looks a bit like it needs some cleaning. I see that the laundry pile is a bit to high I need to wash more often. I feel hungry, search for a nice recipe and try something new. A new Blog post comes to mind that I just have to save into drafts for later. I feel stiff maybe I should do some Yoga. OH! There’s a pretty picture I wouldn’t mind trying to paint. I am doing many things yet procrastinating for one thing which I really hope to do.

I do Everything Else besides studying french which I keep avoiding. I Love French. Which is why I am so frustrated with myself for avoiding it this much.20160301113513.jpg

I remember how I used to imagine myself being so fluent in french that  my tongue would feel heavy with the accent and I would envision myself even forgetting how to speak English.  I would crave speaking it so much I would go into the bathroom and whisper to myself in french. I would dream of one day being the translator for a French Ambassador coming to my island. Every Year I come back to the dream of french.It is beginning to feel like one of those things that I am supposed to do in this lifetime.

I post this here hoping that this will help me Start and stick to it. This is the year where I want to do everything I ever thought What If? This is to my future me who  Will be proud to look back on her twenties. Achieving her dreams and having no regrets and NO what if’s.This is to the end of stagnant living, because once I open that door of french, the flood gates of new opportunities will burst open.




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