Late Nite Genius🌙

I recently read a blog post that your greatest ideas come to you at night. This wasn’t the first time I’ve heard this. Strangely enough, while I was finally getting cozy under my covers I thought of this blog post. I wanted to fall asleep so bad but the idea nagged at me and I wondered why is this so important? Is this suppose to be one of my greatest ideas yet? So I shoved off my warm covers and searched for the nearest piece of paper and pen to note the idea.

This was also not the very first time this had happened to me. I’m sure everyone has experienced it. However, more often than not, I wouldn’t wake up to write the idea down. I would get business ideas and think oh, just a dream. It seemed so big for me and my tiny self to achieve so I just let the idea drift me off to dream land where I became wealthy and sophisticated off my business idea. I am most likely to get up to not my idea if I know for certain I will be able to execute it. Example if I am in need of a blog post idea. I wish I had kept writing down my burst of genius over the years, Whether or not I thought them worthy at the time, they could have made their way into many blog posts in the near future.

Unfortunately for me, not every night is a burst of genius. Many times just before I sink into a deep sleep, I am ambushed with every embarrassing memory of my past that I had thought  was long over. Whatever worry of the day comes to kiss me goodnight as if we were friends. On nights like those , without realizing, my eyes are wide open staring at the ceiling while all these thoughts speed throughout my mind with an imaginary checklist  telling me what I need to do the following morning. Many times if I find myself lost in the forest of thoughts, I say a prayer and it helps nudge me out and into sleep.

Anyway, regardless of the type of idea I do have a notebook around just in case. If not, a cellphone is always within arms reach these days in order to quickly type a note into.

I noticed that I’m no longer typing to myself on my blog anymore. Thank you for coming and I hope you find it cozy here.

shy face












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