The PLan #2 Getting Motivated

In my Chapter One post  and my first post The End Of Stagnant Living I stated my plan. My frustrations with where I am and my hopes of where I want to be , the things I want to achieve and also those I have yet to achieve.

I have a lot of bad habits from the past which I do plan to get rid of in order to reach where I want to be. This thing called procrastination just has to go. I simply can’t watch more years fly by like I didn’t have them in the first place. I began to think of my reasons. My “WHYs”.  My family who works hard and still struggles. My friends who are slowly losing their faith and their hope in a brighter future. Sitting here and just saying oh things are bad, has never added one difference in my life.

I developed a schedule. It’s still a bit rusty but I will improve it along the way. So far I have a morning schedule figured out and soon I will work on the Night and Afternoon. Basically it entails a list of things I want to do within a slotted time in the morning and it also follows the 30 day time period which is what seems to be the amount of time needed to develop a habit.

I was inspired by the idea of a Bullet Journal mixed with the 30day challenges which have been in style these days. I could not afford a pretty moleskin journal so i opted for a mini notebook for about $3.  It is arranged a bit like below.

Morning Routine for days I Have Class

Time| Activity

4:30 Bible.Pray

5.00 Yoga

5:30 Drawing

6:00 Write

6:30 French

7:30 Eat.Shower

7:45 Embrace the day

So far I have been at it for about a week and I know there are things I want to improve about it. This isn’t a challenge or competition so I can tweak it anytime I like to add more or less things as well as edit to give more time to a specific activity.  So far I am thinking of putting french earlier as I often tend to skip it if I am about to be late to head out to class.

Besides that I am enjoying the process there are a few days where I can’t seem to wake up. When that happens I get to an inspiring book or think about why I am doing this in the first place.

Another thing I have done to get started is to read an inspiring book. The one I have just finished was Show your Work! by Austin Kleon and it was most definitely a great read.According to this book sometimes death can be the best motivation to live.

Until Next Time  , have a day filled with Bliss. flower.jpg





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