Chapter one: The plan

Doing. I am twenty years old and I am certain there are many out there who understand much more than I do,just how hard it can be to start DOING.
I have many dreams,many aspirations and multiple hobbies. All of those things are dusty,rusted and asleep on my pile of unfinished things. So many things I want to do. So many places I envision myself to be.
The truth is there is no particular plan. No straight line. I just want to Do, and I hope that Opportunities will follow.
There are a few things I have started and i will mention them for my own records.

1. Yoga ( in pigeon pose as i write this post)
2. YouTube channel
4.Drawing/ animation Class
5. Writing
6. Blogging

This list is much longer than I thought and I already feel a bit of fear that I may have just done it again… started a bunch of things, gone over my head?

My list of unfinished things/ things I have yet to continue:
1. French/ Spanish
2. Crochet/knitting
3. Sewing
4. Football
5.Toastmasters (public speaking club)

So I see my pattern.. this journey feels a bit heavier than i had expected. Its frightening and I already feel discouraged. All those things I started in 2015 and they are incomplete. There might even be more than I can think of right now.
Recently I heard someone say that you are a loser if you have yet to finish what you have started… and gosh.. what do you know, here i type.

Regardless of the facts. It is time this pattern changed isn’t it? No point in wallowing in my unfinished pile when I have so much to look forward too.


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