Strange Healthy Things:Golden Milk

Today is the first time I am hearing of this drink. I had always known that turmeric had amazing health benefits so it was no surprise to me seeing it yet again in another creation. I had previously used Turmeric as an attempt to whiten my teeth and also once before to treat skin problems.

Currently I found myself with two very painful skin boils on different parts of my body. I had not gotten these in a while.Might be stress, dehydration or unhealthy eating that caused it, but this lead me to search and later stumble upon Golden Milk as not only a treatment for skin problems but many other things like inflammation. A quick google search will drown you with information.

I found that I had most of the ingredients on hand but this is no tutorial as I didn’t follow the recipe.This is merely just a taste test review. I do love teas but never had I tasted a tea based on spices and basic kitchen seasoning? Here’s what I thought.

Ingredients I used but not full recipe: Turmeric, Coconut milk, Black pepper, Cinnamon,Nutmeg, Vanilla Extract, Honey (then sugar because it was still too bitter) and finally a dash of faith.

I blended the ingredients which really was not necessary, you can just put it all in the pot and boil/warm till everything is warm and mixed.

TASTE THOUGHTS: At first I cringed! It  tasted like sweet curry. I tried and just couldn’t figure out if I liked it or not. The under taste of vanilla,cinnamon and nutmeg tasted familiar like a spice cake or eggnog but the unfamiliar taste and texture of the turmeric frightened me. I then thought that I should drink alongside a cucumber sandwich as healthy things normally taste better with healthy things right? It worked. I was able to drink most of the tea alongside the sandwich without the weird feeling.

I deduced that this type of drink may just be an acquired taste. Some cultures are already used to it but for me it was strange and unfamiliar. It was good enough to be sipped continually which lead me to believe that it is possible to try this again and perhaps vary the amount of the quantity of ingredients used. There was a lot going on as if it were a seasoning carnival in my cup. The weirdest thing about this drink was having black pepper in tea although it was hardly noticeable.

If you have tried this definitely let me know your thoughts and suggestions. Did you use this to treat anything in particular?Share the story below!


Good News sprinkled with Reality

I had made it a goal last year to apply to Universities. I have applied to one so far and was shocked when I was accepted! I had planned originally to apply just to see what happened and I didn’t really think that I would be accepted. With everything going on in America at this time I am not super excited to  apply to universities there but I was accepted to a Caribbean University.

I read and re-read my acceptance letter many times and it really brings on a whole new set of dreams and happy thoughts to think that I have a new possibility in my near future. The only question is..How do I afford it. After speaking with a loans agent I realized that I may not qualify for one. The government offices apologetically told me that there were no financial assistance programs available. I am currently at a loss, wondering what to do, and what can I do. and it doesn’t seem possible to go most of the time. However I will try.

In searching for fundraising ideas I tried a twisted donut that I saw on the internet. It did not come out completely successful. I had difficulty twisting the dough but this still lead me to hope that maybe I could use this to sell and fund-raise. This one goes into the maybe pile.



Do you have any Fundraising Ideas to save up for University Tuition??  Let me know in the comments.


Do Not Do This To Yourself| story

So a few weeks ago, I’m not entirely sure why, but I was overly obsessing about my pimples which were not even that much to be called acne by the way. It definitely had a lot to do with the fact that different people kept pointing it out to me ( as if I don’t take a look at myself in the mirror) . Without realizing it their opinions slowly crept in and I found myself doing different methods on my face .

Growing up I always knew of the great properties of garlic for removing pimples. I had also gotten results from it before. So here I was grating some garlic to get that juice out and I spread it against my cheek with the most pimples at the time. leaving it overnight I washed it out that next morning.  Yet again I did get success on some smaller pimples but there was this one that still bugged me. Later that same week I did another garlic treatment on that cheek and was shocked at what I woke up to.

For the first time in my life I had given myself a Garlic Burn. I didn’t even know garlic could burn you but yes it can. With all the things I was applying to my face I shouldn’t have been too surprised.


The Point of all this is to remind myself to never let the voice of others cloud what I know to be right. I must have been a bit stressed, not drinking enough water. But even besides all that , if I had taken a spare moment to tell myself that I look beautiful today or these pimples are just temporary, I wouldn’t have taken on extreme measures to get rid of them quick. Everyone on this earth will get pimples unless they have some new and rare skin thingy.  It’s better to walk around with a few zits than to look like you might be cat woman by night.




Lessons Learned

  • Garlic Can Burn sensitive skin.
  • Oatmeal is a gentler alternative to acne/pimples.
  • Aloes are a gentler solution to pimples.
  • Pimples are Temporary.
  • Drink more water.
  • Are you stressed?
  • What they think don’t matter.
  • YOU LOOK FINE ,Geez.


Why the New Year Resolution is important.

I have heard and been guilty of not setting any new year resolutions because I “know” that I wouldn’t complete them anyway. Honestly I think that is stupid.

If there was a large jar to collect the amount of motivation that the world has during the new year period I am certain it would be a very very large jar. what better time to begin completing something than this time where your motivation and drive is at the all time high. Last year I opened up this blog in January as a new year resolution. I made many other resolutions but among the many that I didn’t complete, here I am today still writing in this blog.

People like myself often set multiple very large New years resolutions and to be honest I think we have the ability to complete them all whether they be large or small. The reason why I love setting goals for the new year is because like this blog, I am certain that if I just train myself to become more diligent that I will be able to cross off everything on my list and even if I haven’t done everything, something always gets done.

I know that it might be boring to read, me starting over and  over all the time. To me , I am trying hard to keep getting up after negative self talk.  Completing goals is easier said than done and I am not pleased with the amount of times I have seen Write a book on my new years list. However, the fact that it is one goal that always appears makes me feel like this is something that I really want to do.

This message is more for me than you: Don’t give up before you even started.

What are some goals that appear  on your resolution list every year?

1 Year of Locs.

hair cllageIMG-20160321-WA0040


1st loc style collage20160302_131107


I have been bad at recording my Loc journey. For half of the journey I was second guessing, going back and forth and worrying if I should remove it or not. There were negative comments, uncertain gazes and also very pleasant compliments. I had wanted locs from my teenage years and was forever afraid. There were stories of airport security checking your locs, searching you for drugs. There was the constant reminder that I would never get a good job. I have no idea of how many of those things are true. All I know as I type this is that this is one thing I have always wanted to do and I have done.It is something I want to see the results of no matter how many times I think of cutting them and going back to what everyone considers to be normal.

I went against parents, and some close friends. I understand them. Life is hard when you go against the grain in any way.  I always quit on many things but even just a year of Locs has made me feel that so much more is possible if I stick to all those things I say I would do or want to do. There is so much more out there that I am too afraid to conquer including showing my mother that I have locs (no she doesn’t even know as yet)  Fears are real. 2016 was waist deep full of fears and there is much more ahead. If defeating just one can make you this strong imagine how it would feel to conquer the majority of them.

I have experimented with both palm rolling and interlocking. I have tried oils , creamy conditioners and most recently, black hair dye. I have never had locs before and I am taking care of it myself. Sure, I do not know what I am doing the majority of the time but this has been such a great learning experience. Holistically challenging. Some may only understand after experiencing it. With locs you are changing so much. What the world would accept as beautiful, you are challenging it. What you have grown up believing is beautiful is also challenged. You may drown in the negative opinions that everyone else will dip you under or you can rise against it and think of you and what you want. It is difficult. Especially growing up with chains of expectations that friends and family have set for you.

I cannot say do not give up on your journey. I do not know if I may give up on mine soon. However, if you are thinking of starting locs, I will tell you to try it out and try it just a little bit longer. That is the only way you will ever know isn’t it. If you do decide to try something else. So what. it’s your hair and your moment to experiment.

Whatever you choose…….

     Be Blissful

Currently Watching: Gilmore Girls

Confession: I am one to religiously follow certain Youtubers. Especially Book Tubers

Some feel like my soul sisters that I have never met.One of my many favorite book tubers called Bookables really loves Gilmore girls.Now I’ve never watched Gilmore girls and I kept wondering what is this thing she keeps talking about……. NOW I know. Yes. I most definitely  binge watched season one within a few weeks and sometimes going all towards 2 am in the morning. SIGH.

DOn’t You Dare Judge ME.

 The greatest time waster is finding a new show/series (Is there a difference? I’ll google it). As depressing as it is to lose time I can’t help but crave another episode every time one is over.The issues in this show is so darn relate able and CUTE! Perfect Holiday type, cup of tea, cozy bed kind of show! I can’t wait to catch up, I am like a million seasons late in the circle.

Do you like Gilmore girls? Are you just starting or have you already caught up? LEt me know! I wish Luke and Laurali would just admit their love already! What are you waiting for, tell me everything you think in the comments! no spoilers though, I am on the first episode of season 2. I really hope Dean and Rori don’t break up again but do I really like Dean?? I am not so sure.

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